• Rowan and Suzanne Hatch

    The last day of May saw the arrival of a brand new Selene 40 into Auckland from Hong Kong.

    The launch was barged already in its shipping cradle from the factory just outside Hong Kong directly to alongside the vessel and then lifted onto the deck of the ship.

    On arrival in Auckland it was discharged directly to water where the proud new owners, Rowan and Suzanne Hatch were able to motor her away for further commissioning.

    They wrote, “We were delighted to receive all your photos - great shots and really interesting to see them from a different perspective to the ones we took from below…Thank you again for all your help and for making the shipping of Selene Dream a very pleasurable experience for us - we have enjoyed being associated with you.”

    Rowan and Suzanne Hatch

  • Ron Patrick

    TNL Pindar co-ordinate arrival of Stamas 363 from USA to Auckland.

    TNL Pindar Ltd has recently co-ordinated the import customs formalities, handing and delivery of a Stamas 363 motor boat that arrived in Auckland, New Zealand over the Christmas period.

    Originating from the East Coast USA it was shrink wrapped, cradled and loaded on to a Roll on / Roll off vessel using a mafi trailer in Savannah, Georgia. The owner in New Zealand required assistance with every aspect of the import as he was new to the country and had no idea how the system operated.

    Even before the boat had departed the USA TNL Pindar’s Australasian Manager, Richard Thorpe, had already met the owner in Auckland and ran through the processes that would be required to have the boat imported, taxes paid and transported to the dry stack in Auckland’s Westhaven Marina area.

    An added complication was the arrival of the vessel on Boxing Day. Richard Thorpe said, “With the boat arriving during the New Zealand Christmas / New Year period the main issue was not being able to legally move the “out of gauge” boat on the roads until Monday 7th January. So we had no surprises, the moment we knew of the arrival date we negotiated with the Ports of Auckland to waive any storage fees from the day of arrival through to the day we could legally move it on the road”. Knowing details such as these and understanding the issues only comes with the experience that the team at TNL Pindar have.

    Working closely with the stevedores on the port and the transport company contracted to move the boat to Westhaven Richard Thorpe was on hand to supervise the transfer of the boat from the mafi trailer to the transporter’s trailer before the move through Downtown Auckland to the dry stack where the owner was waiting.

    Upon receipt of his boat the owner sent the following message, “I would like to thank you for a taking care of importing my boat into New Zealand. I thought it would be difficult to find someone that would handle the whole process because of all the different things that needed to be done. Getting the boat to the boat basin with no problems was a big relief for me. It was nice of you to come to my house and explain all the different charges to me and what to expect from customs. You have handled all my questions along the way promptly and in a professional manner.”
    Ron Patrick – Owner



  • David Woodley

    I have spoken to the Hatches who have raved about your service and the way the whole thing went for them. Sounds like we should be doing business with references like that.

    David Woodley

  • Jeremy Anderson – Lloyd Stevenson Boat Builders

    We have used Richard Thorpe and TNL Pindar for all our new boat shipping needs for many years now and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone with international boat movement requirements.

    Richard and his team have proved time and again that they can handle the complex loading and transportation of extremely high value and fragile craft, most recently transporting 4 superyacht tenders, door to door, to various destinations in Europe.

    They have been very proficient at dealing with last minute destination changes and the various challenges that are an integral part of these custom projects.

    Richard’s experience and boating knowledge mean he is often able to pre-empt issues that may arise and provide workable solutions to ensure a successful outcome is achieved.

    Jeremy Anderson

  • Mark Hunter – Profile Boats

    We appreciate all your dedication and hard work.
    It all worked out very well thanks to you.
    Look forward to the next one.

    Mark Hunter

  • Steve Mair

    I recently used Richard Thorpe from TNL Pindar to deliver my 11m race yacht “Clockwork” from Fremantle to Auckland. It was a tight timeline as I was very keen to see it land in time for a big race.

    Not only did TNL deliver as promised but Richard was the consummate professional and always with a smile on his face. Couldn’t be more grateful.
    Steve Mair